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AGE Aluminium is an innovative company manufacturing a range of Aluminium windows and doors for residential and commercial applications. Our aim is to be the leading manufacturer of special glazed architectural Aluminium products.

More than 80 years combined experience gives us the edge in design and technical competence and we assist with the problem solving of difficult applications.

The need for energy conservation and noise reduction is very high on the company's agenda and systems to cater for this requirement are currently receiving attention. A recent government project which included extensive double glazing has already been completed with great success using systems approved and tested by AAAMSA. The drastic rise in building costs has made the replacement of steel windows and doors in existing buildings, without damage to the surrounding structure, an ever increasing requirement and AGE Aluminium has placed itself amongst the leaders in this particular field.


The ever increasing need for energy saving and noise reduction makes the use of the Thermosash range of windows a must. Designed to receive glass thicknesses from 4mm to 25mm and with performance criteria that meet AAAMSA specifications this diverse window system is available in top hung, side hung, and pivot hung configurations and has been used successfully in many high rise building developments. Its 19 mm high rebate provides for better performance in terms of weatherability and designed to receive Santroprene gaskets long term performance under extreme temperatures conditions is exceptional. The demand for better quality windows in upmarket residential developments has made this product a winner.

Aluminium Windows

Aluminium Windows

Aluminium Doors

The Multipalace sliding door is an advanced heavy duty sliding door system offering flexibility in terms of configurations. Available in 2 panel, 3 panel, 4 panel and six panel options increased opening space is offered without the sometimes cumbersome operation that huge sliding folding doors requires. The high rise interlocker and meeting stile design allows units to be installed in increased height opening applications whilst keeping within AAAMSA regulations with regard to deflection limitations. Solid brass wheels on brass tracks guarantee high performance and less maintenance and the heavy duty hooklock offers improved security.

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Aluminium Shopfronts

Commercial shopfronts designed to attract customers to your business by communicating to your target market.

Aluminium Shopfronts


Whether building or renovating, the type of glass one chooses in windows and doors will impact on how a building functions. Factors such as energy consumption (i.e. lighting, cooling and heating costs), comfort (i.e. light transmission, glare, heat and sound control), safety, security and fading can all be influenced by glass.

The mission of the South African Glass & Glazing Association is to develop and expand the Architectural market by coordinated promotion of glass as the Architectural glazing material of choice and to set and maintain appropriate standards of commercial conduct, quality and workmanship in the interest of both the industry and its customers.

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"With ever increasing pressures being put on the country's power

supply - together with the rising costs in building construction -

AGE Aluminium has become a leader in the window replacement market.

Existing steel and wooden windows are replaced with single or double glazed

aluminium windows which offer superior performance and are aesthetically

pleasing.Adding functional glass types to the windows add to energy


A great advantage is that the windows are installed with virtually no damage to

the surrounding structure."

Aluminium Window Replacement